POLYtij® S1i on Carton Sealing Machine



A pasta manufacturing company was previously using a drop-on-demand printer (DOD) to print a product identification and best before date code on their cartons.

The customer was seeking a solution that would provide consistent printing quality and remove the possibility of ink leakages and mess.

The installation was on a semi-automatic carton sealing machine and the carton sizes would frequently change, so they required an adjustable height printhead that was easy to use.

“Do you have a maintenance-free printer that will provide consistent printing quality?”


The customer wanted to achieve 4 things

1.     High clarity print


2.     No maintenance.


3.     Adjustable print height


4.     Low cost of ownership

Polytij® Solution

We supplied a POLYtij® S1i printer with a single printhead mounted on a dual-axis adjustment module, which provided the customer

1.     Consistently good print quality.

2.     Zero maintenance using our NANOtij® Ultra Black™ ink, little to no wiping of head required.

3.     Adjustable print height on carton

4.     Printhead mounted onto the adjustable width roller arms, which means they did not need to adjust the printhead when changing cartons

5.     Ease of use with a simple touch screen controller with message creation software on board.

6.     Small Footprint, low cost per print.


Carton Sealing 1.jpg
Carton Sealing 3.jpg
Carton Sealing 4.jpg
Carton Sealing 5.jpg